Welcome to bluebird bio’s Grants, Donations, and Sponsorships Request Portal.

Please note, aligning with our strategic goals we are currently focusing on US grants and sponsorships. Non-US activities may require additional review and discussion.

This site allows researchers, educational organization, patient advocacy organizations, charities and other similar groups to submit a proposal(s) seeking bluebird support for Grants, Donations, and Sponsorships.

Important! All requests must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the date you require a decision or a minimum of 60 days prior to your program start date. Our busy birds will work hard to get you a timely decision.

This Portal will guide you through the electronic submission process. Please make sure that you complete each required field designated by an asterisk (*). Should we need additional information, we will send an email to the address you provided upon registration.

The bluebird Review Committee will review all requests. Please note that completion or acknowledgement of your submission does not indicate that we have agreed to provide support. Support decisions are made only after the Review Committee has reviewed your complete request. We will notify you of the decision via an email to the address you provided upon registration. All decisions are final.

This site is intended to be used for submitting requests for support of:

Medical Grants: Support for clinical, technical, and scientific education programs or activities focused on the therapeutic area and disease states addressed by our products or investigational clinical research programs, including grants or funding for educational conferences, seminars, meetings, other live events, and presentations in other formats such as Internet-based presentations and publications.

Corporate Grants, Sponsorships and Donations: Support for events or programs (e.g. exhibits at workshops, educational materials, STEM programs, etc.), whereby funding is payable to an organization or their foundation.